Get clear. Get focused.
Get your time back. 


Is the reality of owning a successful business raining on your parade?


You started your business because you wanted to make a difference. You had a big dream, saw an opportunity, and ran with it. You’ve made it through the growing pains of entreprenuership, and your success is clear.

Everything is great except...

When you envisioned the business of your dreams, "working round the clock" was not in the description. 

You're thankful for the clients that are lining up to receive your services—but you’re also frustrated because your business is constantly “upping the ante” and requiring more of your time and energy.

You feel trapped in the constant refrain of "there are never enough hours in a day" and your to-do-list looks more like a to-do-novel. 

To make things worse, your success has made business more complicated. Everything feels important, making it hard to know what to prioritize. Projects are piling up and you're afraid that one of these days you're going to drop the ball when it counts.

You've put your heart and soul into this business, but you know the time your putting in is not sustainable. Something's gotta give because you're running out of energy and patience. 

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Pause here for a moment & imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Work fewer hours, but accomplish more.
  • Receive a roadmap with the exact steps to achieve your goals
  • Get out of the day-to-day operations of your business, and step into powerful, confident leadership.
  • Schedule time every week for self-care, hobbies, and relationships without feeling guilty.

It's time to schedule an Eliminate the Overwhelm Power Session if you're: 

  • Struggling to get a firm grasp on what to prioritize; making it difficult to achieve your goals.
  • Needing to hand off several tasks, but can’t figure out what to delegate.
  • Working too many hours, and not making progress.
  • Stuck in analysis paralysis which is killing your productivity.

Do Less & Achieve More!

Say goodbye to overwhelm. Spend your day in flow; focused on the work you love and that energizes you. 

Do Less & Achieve More!

Say goodbye to overwhelm. Spend your day in flow; focused on the work you love and that energizes you. 

This powerful session is exactly what you need right now if you are ready for clarity, focus & forward momentum.

  • Re-structure your to-do list to prioritize the tasks that "light you up" and improve your bottom line.
  • Create strategies for delegating & eliminating work that isn't in your zone of genius
  • Implement an easy-to-achieve plan for accomplishing your most critical work within the next 30 days.

Plus, if that isn't motivation enough, you'll also

  • Feel confident in reaching your goals, because you are aligned with your vision
  • Easily gain two (or more) hours per week to spend on self-care, hobbies, or whatever your heart desires!
I'm so ready!
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Your Power Session: 


(1) Pre-session discovery 

Kick-start the process by getting it "all out of your head" and brain-dumping your thoughts. I'll make it easier with a few insightful  prompts to get you started.


(2) Hands-on strategy session

The "where the magic happens" 2-hour Zoom session. You’ll receive a recording of our session, detailed notes, and summarized key takeaways and plans.


(3) Additional follow-up

30-minute follow up within 2 weeks to help you stay on track.

Jordan helped me to get organized, streamline and set goals. Working with her has been a joy! 

Heather Lowe, Ditched the Drink

Jordan is masterful at helping you identify goals & implement a plan. I feel so inspired every time we talk!

Stephanie Nickasio, Hope Roofing

I'm working smarter! I can get so much more accomplished in a short amount of time!

Wendy R.

A Note From Jordan...

Hello, friend! I am so excited to help you eliminate the overwhelm so you can focus on the things that matter in your business (and your life!). 

And, know that you are not alone. I see so many women business owners who struggle with these challenges—even though their business is successful. (I was one of them.)

Now, I absolutely know the path to working from a clear, focused, and productive place and I can't wait to show you how to do the same! 💕 

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It's time to leave overwhelm behind...

Get clear. Get focused. Get your time back.

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