Five Easy Tips To Help Clear Business Overwhelm & Get You Laser Focused Fast!

business overwhelm Jan 05, 2021
Dealing with overwhelm is my new client's #1 frustration.
My heart goes out to the ones who are in this space. Endless to-do lists are exhausting. Not knowing how to prioritize is so frustrating, and can leave you feeling like you're spinning your wheels.
The following strategies are the ones I always return to when I am feeling the creep of “all-the-things”.  I can still feel overwhelmed too—only now I don’t have to stay stuck in that space. I have the tools to help me:
➙ dial in my priorities
➙ take action on what matters most for my business
➙ and feel accomplished at the end of my day
Start by choosing one or two strategies that resonate the most. Once you feel competent and comfortable in that area, move on to the next. The goal is to give you tools that will help decrease your overwhelm while helping you be more productive and efficient with your tasks!

Start by getting clear on your "why". 

The first step to getting out of overwhelm is to revisit your “reason for being”. Have you created your statement of purpose for your business? I refer to this as your “Next Level Vision”. It's a guide that acts as your own north star and tells you:
➙ what “things” are important
➙ what to prioritize
➙ what to eliminate
Once you have your vision, ask yourself: Does this action/task/opportunity align with my “why”?
If no, then you can cut it and you’ve created more space!
If the answer is yes, ask yourself:  Is this a priority for my business right now?
Using this benchmark can help you quickly and easily align your tasks with your Next Level Vision and stay on track! 


Revisit your goals. 

Another go-to for eliminating overwhelm is to get crystal clear on your goals. Knowing your end-game or the results you're trying to achieve helps you be laser-focused when it comes to prioritizing the tasks that need your attention.
If you find yourself “drowning” in “all-the-things”, stop and ask yourself:
Is this activity related to my goal? 
I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to discover how many of your activities are actually NOT aligned with your goals & vision.
For example, I am completely guilty of loving research and consider myself a life-long learnerIf am not careful, I can find myself down a rabbit-hole of articles, blog posts, podcasts, social media scrolling, or webinars for courses that are calling my nameSo, while I am inspired by these sources of information, they “suck-time” and leave me feeling more overwhelmed. (So many "good ideas"!)
Setting clear goals creates a container that allows me to focus and stay-on-track.


Understand what "moves the needle". 

Are you feeling paralyzed by “all the things” and struggling to take action?
I often find that clients are “spinning-their-wheels” by spending time on activities that aren’t producing real resultsTry doubling-down on what is actually working.
Ask yourself: where can I hyper-focus & move the needle?
➙ What marketing channels are driving the biggest results? Focus there.
➙ What content is producing the most engagement? Do more of that.
➙ What marketing tactics are working best? Repeat more of those.
➙ What product or offer is selling best? Do more of that.
➙ What offers were the most profitable? Sell more of that.
Continuously reinventing the wheel or creating something new is SO energy draining! Instead, make small continuous improvements to what is working already. You’ll end up being more profitable with less energy output!

Commit to one task. 

I’m a mom, so multitasking is a strategy that I’ve adopted over the years. However, I’ve come to realize that multitasking isn’t the best use of my time. Plus, juggling “ten tasks at once” is a sure-fire strategy for overwhelm.
“Multitasking seems like a great way to get a lot done at once. But research has shown that our brains are not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like to think they are. In fact, some researchers suggest that multitasking can actually reduce productivity by as much as 40%.” --VeryWellMind
Ouch. Productivity and efficiency are critical components of my ability to achieve more while doing less, so multi-tasking in my business is out.
Instead, I mono-task. I give my full uninterrupted attention to the task at hand. I am not casually checking my email, phone, social media, answering the phone, putting in laundry, etc…I work in “flows” (anywhere from 25 - 60 minutes with short breaks) until the task is complete or I have reached my goal for the day on that particular taskBy working this way, I am able to FINISH more high-quality work in a shorter period of time—it’s a win-win method for both performance and overall productivity.
Try the Pomodoro Technique for staying focused and in "flow". 

Get it out of your head & prioritize. 

One of my FAVORITE ways to quickly get focused is to “brain dump”. I grab my notebook and “get it all out of my head”. This allows me to see “all the things”, rather than trying to hold on to all my ideas. It has been a real game-gamer for helping me reduce my “mental load” which can lead to overwhelm.
I love the process so much that use it as a tool for my clients. 
The Priority Planner helps you:
➙Simplify your “to do” list
➙Clarify the activities that you should prioritize
➙Bring more wellness & pleasure into your personal life
➙Create an easy-to-achieve plan for accomplishing your goals
➙And, most importantly, getting back your time!
Steal my Priority Planning tool by clicking here! 
So, there you have it! The easiest ways to clear overwhelm are to: 
Get Clear On Your “Why”
➙Revisit your goals
➙Understand What “moves the needle” 
➙Commit to (1) action at a time
➙Use the Priority Planner 
And, of course, if you are still struggling, let me know! Sometimes talking with a coach is needed to get you focused and back on track. You can email me anytime, or book a FREE discovery call.

💕, Jordan 


Hi there! I’m Jordan Eades, Holistic Business Coach and founder of Your Best Business LIfe. My passion is guiding women business owners who want to make a big impact in business—without sacrificing what matters most. 

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