Five Easy Steps To Infuse Your Life with Joy

joy life self-care Nov 17, 2020


I remember the day our business crossed the eight-figure mark.

 We had arrived at the “pinnacle” of our success.

 Sadly, what should have been a joyful moment, seemed rather soul-less.

I looked down at my miles-long “to do” list sighed and thought to myself: 

”This is it? This is what I have been (over) working for?”

It felt...empty.

Looking back, I can see that I had lost my joy.

As our business grew, I let go of all the little experiences that buoy a meaningful existence.

Instead, taking time for joy became an elusive cat and mouse game of “if” or “when”.

There was always “something” that became the new priority.

I was so focused on the business and I failed to recognize that I COULD and SHOULD lean into creating the space for joy.


Why Is Joy So Important?

Such a happy little word, yet, there is an elusive quality in describing joy.

The definition, “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness” doesn’t seem to quite cover it.


For me, joy feels like:

  • butterflies in my tummy
  • lightness and expanding of the chest and heart
  • the electric buzz of pleasure and happiness
  • feelings of “Yes!” and “Wheeeeee!” and “Mmmmmmm”


When establishing the methodology for Your Best Business Life, I felt that including a pillar for joy was so necessary.

Joy is a critical component of well-being. When we experience joy, we boost our immune system, ward of stress and pain, and support our longevity.

Additionally, joy propels our “Best Self”. I can point to the times where I have felt my most productive, creative, innovative, and see joy laced throughout.

According to Dr. Aaron Wenzel, “Joy is an accelerator of moments. Somehow it creates moments that are impactful and memorable. The more joy you can infuse into the rhythm and cadence of your life, the greater probability you will experience those wonderful moments.”

He goes on to share, “And sometimes you need to create those moments. They don’t happen on their own; you have to be intentional.”

I agree 100%. Investing in our joy is another way to “fill our own cups”.

I see it as the energy driver that helps us spread our “good feelings” to our work and to others.

The challenge is to strategically infuse joy across our lives on a consistent basis. 


Five Ways To Create A Joy-Filled Life

Living Your Best Business Life means creating experiences that elevate & pleasure you.  Yet, many of my clients share that it is sometimes easier said than done. The following is a mini road-map for more happy times ahead.


Understand Your Time

With my clients, I share an exercise called “168 Hours”, which helps them map out the hours of the week. First, allocate time for the essentials: sleep, meals, work, responsibilities, etc.). This allows room to create space for the experiences that bring us joy.


Create Your List

Next, grab a cup of your favorite, and revisit the experiences that bring you joy. This is a great time to be self-minded; concentrating on your personal happiness. Ask questions like, “What experiences make my heart swell? Where do I find myself having anticipation? What am I obsessed with? Or, "What makes me feel good?” Make a master list of the experiences and “things” that give you pleasure and happiness.

 The experiences don’t have to be grandiose. My daily cup of coffee is a joy provoking experience. Drinking out of my favorite mug makes me feel special. A couple of times a week I amplify the effects by treating myself to a latte at our local coffee shop.


Prioritize & Balance

Next, choose 2 - 3 experiences on your list that will be easily adapted into your schedule. Beach walks are always a go-to for me, as I get a big dose of joy in a couple of hours. I also schedule time for reading; binge-watching my guilty pleasures and of course, coffee on the daily!

Additionally, I work in a few “bigger” experiences each month. For me, and our family, this generally means travel. With COVID, travel is challenging, but we have managed to get in our fix by taking “scenic drives” and packing our favorite snacks.


Practice Consistency

The more we can fill our lives with joyous moments, the happier our lives will be! You can create consistent joy by scheduling simple activities on a weekly basis and planning a few larger experiences throughout the month.


Surprise Yourself

When was the last time you spontaneously took an afternoon (or, *gasp* day) off? Not planned, and with no particular reason other than doing something that makes you happy? The sun is out and it is all the invitation you need to go and play. Don't miss out -- live life, by immersing yourself in the here and now.

Sometimes, an afternoon of inspiration is all we need to overcome a business challenge or regain the energy we need to push through a big project.


"Joy does not simply happen to us.

We have to choose and keep choosing it every day." 


If you resonate with this post, let me know! Drop me a line, I would love to know more...


💕, Jordan 


Hi there! I’m Jordan Eades, Holistic Business Coach and founder of Your Best Business LIfe. My passion is guiding women business owners who want to make a big impact in business—without sacrificing what matters most. 

Your Best Business Life coaching provides the keys to overcoming overworking; allowing you to create a sustainable and profitable business, focus on the work that fuels your passion, unapologetically invest in self-care, prioritize experiences that light you up, and provide the support you need to thrive.

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