Practicing Self-Care Makes Me A Better Business Owner


Before business life, I prided myself on my commitment to self-care.

Movement was especially important to me, I would log several miles a week on my daily walks.

But as things got busier, taking time away to walk felt self-indulgent.

I tried to schedule walks on the weekends, but because I already had a backlog of “to-do” items, it rarely manifested.

At first, I was willing to forgo self-care because my business was a high priority.

In fact, I saw my “sacrifices” as a badge of honor.

I was a dedicated business owner, giving my all to see the business succeed.

But, the sacrifices kept coming until my entire regime of self-care practices disappeared.

My business was like a screaming child, demanding all my attention...

My schedule climbed from an eight-hour workday to ten, twelve, even fourteen hours.

If I wasn’t sleeping, I was working the business, talking about the business, or thinking about the business.

And, with all the stress, sleep didn’t come easy. Anxiety made it difficult to fall asleep and the rest of the night I was frequently waking and worrying.

It was exhausting.

And, because I had let go of self-care, there was no way to recover or replenish.

It comes as no surprise that the stress and lack of self-care landed me in burn-out.

Today, it's the opposite.

Self-care is a non-negotiable component for running my business successfully and sustainably.


Prioritizing Your Well-being Supports Success In Your Business

Generally, we know that we ought to be practicing self-care. 

In fact, it seems like you can hardly step online without a reminder to “focus on your wellbeing”. 

So, how is it that burn-out rates for business owners are still climbing?

I believe that there are two leading reasons.

As female business owners, we are uniquely prone to overwhelm and exhaustion.

Many of us are innate nurturers. Our business is an extension of the way we care for others.

Additionally, we are often the primary caretakers and manage “emotional labor” in our relationships.

Our commitment to others fuels our tendency to take care of everything and everyone else before taking care of ourselves.

Yet, when we fail to prioritize our own self-care we can pay a heavy price.

Daily stress becomes chronic stress, and before you know it, you're on your way to burnout.

Reason number two is something I see frequently with coaching clients.

Your expert in your field, but lack the skills required to run a sustainable business.

Achieving your business goals without working 24/7 requires a commitment to learning how to work smarter, not harder. 

Lean Strategic Planning is a cornerstone of my Business Pillar. By utilizing this method, I teach clients how to be:

  • more focused
  • more productive & efficient
  • more profitable &
  • more confident, doing the “right things” at the “right time 

Once I began working with a Lean mindset, I was able to create plenty of space for self-care, without worrying that I was taking time away from my business.


Establishing consistent self-care habits is key, as they will support your sustainability for the long term.

Practicing consistency in six key areas has allowed me to be more present, productive, and profitable. In essence; a better business owner.

The Signature Six™ comprise the second pillar of Your Best Business Life and act as your road map to well-being.

These wellness foundations are:

  • nutritious food & proper hydration
  • daily movement
  • quality rest
  • space to honor feelings
  • connecting to the beautiful outdoors & eliminating chaotic surroundings
  • a sense of purpose derived from a higher power 

Each of these categories reduces stress and tension while supporting your general health.

Realizing you need to nurture your own well-being doesn’t have to involve burning out first.

The key is to create a mindful and intentional system for being in charge of your self-care.

Simple powerful, daily practices within The Signature Six help you “fill your cup”.

Supporting you so that you can show up as the best version of yourself.


Your BEST SELF does your BEST WORK.

💕, Jordan 


Hi there! I’m Jordan Eades, Holistic Business Coach and founder of Your Best Business LIfe. My passion is guiding women business owners who want to make a big impact in business—without sacrificing what matters most. 

Your Best Business Life coaching provides the keys to overcoming overworking; allowing you to create a sustainable and profitable business, focus on the work that fuels your passion, unapologetically invest in self-care, prioritize experiences that light you up, and provide the support you need to thrive.

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