My Year In Review & Sneak Peek for 2021

business life self-care Dec 29, 2020

Hello Lovies!

2020 has been….

Well, let’s say that I am thankful that our little family embraced what we could and made the best of it.

And, it wasn’t all bad.

In fact, 2020 forced me to re-evaluate my need for “busyness”. I took the time to revisit my self-care practices and path for healing. If not for staying home, I may have skipped valuable lessons for which I am feeling grateful.


Looking Back

We started the year as an RV family, and in March, made the huge pivot by putting down roots in SW Florida. Beach time allllll the time!

And then, COVID.

I miss our travel lifestyle, but I am thankful that we were able to quarantine in the new house. We kept busy with “projects”:  painting, putting together furniture, etc...We got to know our sweet little town by walking in the parks and trails. Met our new neighbors and had a few great socially-distanced driveway meet-ups. 

Plus, time and stability allowed YBBL to blossom.


In late March, I Got Serious About YBBL.

This business has been in my heart for so long. *teary-eyed*

After working for years in a male-dominated industry, I felt the pull to return to a place that felt more feminine, more intuitive.

I rolled up my sleeves and combined my passions into one space -- the  YBBL pillars of Business, Wellness, Joy & Connection. In many ways, YBBL is my “guilty pleasure” business. ;)


“Walking my talk” With Wellness & Self-Care.

After years of overloading my sensitive nervous system with stress, I've finally shifted to a place of care and calm.

I now know what it feels like to relax -- and o.m.g, I can’t get enough! 

It didn't happen overnight, however. I really had to be intentional about self-care. And, I even experienced resistance! My body wanted to return to a point of homeostasis (in this case constantly stressed). I had to gently coax it to a "new normal". 

Not enough is said about the time it takes to reset a nervous system that has been in a state of flight-fight-freeze for an extended period of time. If your struggling, drop me a line. And, know that it IS possible to find your place of peace. :)

Now, I have good systems and automation in my business which allows for plenty of space for self-care.

I also acknowledge my body’s signals when I am becoming overwhelmed. Before, I would try to “power through”, which left me more exhausted. Now, I lean in and allow myself the space for recovery.

Working in this way is paying off -- big time.

I have much more “cognitive capacity” -- which means my “foggy brain” is gone, and concentration is back online.

I’m super excited to share more of my self-care tools throughout this year.

Favorites I have been leaning on lately are:


What I Am Looking Forward To In 2021

In December, I worked on my vision for YBBL, and strategized the best ways to serve my clients.

I frequently hear from small business owners who are frustrated and overwhelmed by “the wearing of many hats”.

I can empathize; I’m not sure I know of another profession that requires such a diversified skill set.

And, our industry doesn’t help. There is always some “new thing” that will “get you to 6, 7, 8 figures”, or some “secret process” that will have clients magically showing up on your doorstep.

These “shiny” objects can lead to overwhelm, especially if the courses or programs aren’t designed to help you implement quickly and easily.

Social media hasn’t done us any favors either.

Sure, we have more channels to connect with clients and customers.

Yet, understanding how to navigate those channels both strategically and tactically is another skill set, which takes time and energy to learn.

My clients need support to continue to uplevel their skills, but in ways that don’t add miles to their “to-do” lists. My aim is to help you decrease the overwhelm and stress of running a business.

My themes for this year include: Simplicity, Consistency, Impact, Intuition

I'll give you the systems, strategies, and tools that will provide the biggest impact, with the least amount of effort. That way we allow space for all the other areas that make life wonderful (wellness, joy & connection!).

On that note, I am excited to be finishing two certifications: Lean Out Method & Sacred Depths. Both of these programs are POWERFUL, and have allowed me to “level up” my coaching practice. I have been using the techniques with clients over the past several months, and the results have been striking.

Lean Out Method (LOM) has revolutionized my business systems and how I work on a daily basis. Before, I was chasing one fire after another. Or, distracted by “squirrels'' and “bright shiny objects''.

By using LOM, I no longer get sucked down rabbit holes.

I am focused, get *&%$ done, and have plenty of time to do awesome non-work activities. Personally, I like hanging out at the beach and binge-watching Netflix while snuggling with the beagle. (Addicted to The Crown!)

When teaching LOM to clients, I often hear “This is so awesome and not hard!”

I smile and *wink*; because YES! It's what I love most about the method.

I know you hear me when I say that we don’t need more complicated strategies --we need simple, effective practices that help us do more, with less energy.

Done and done!

Sacred Depths has provided the keys to help my clients (and myself) create bigger breakthroughs, more long-lasting transformations, and real forward movement. I choose to coach, not consult (which I have done in the past) because I enjoy a more collaborative process.

My goal is to help you “lean in”, listen to your intuition, and create your optimal business-life balance--which looks different for everyone.

Together, we look at all the “layers” of your business/life; not only the surface.

The path includes exploring your fears, obstacles, and resistance, which, like it or not, are always part of the process.

We look at the “good stuff” too!

What brings you the most joy, what feeds and fuels you, and what work is in your “zone-of-genius”. Together, we create Your Best Business Life.


Let’s Stay Connected

I'm honored by the response to my 1:1 coaching work. The process has been so rewarding and I can honestly say: 

I *LOVE* coaching.

It allows me to:

  • educate you on the most efficient systems & automation (which means more time & $)
  • share best practices for marketing
  • support you with wellness insights & self-care tools
  • helping you discover what sparks joy 
  • and create a sacred space for you to receive support & connection

I offer a unique, holistic approach to achieving balance between business and personal life.

It has been my experience that there is so much overlap. As much as we would like “neat little boxes”, time has proven that the experience is more like a spaghetti bowl. 

Which is o.k., if you know how to “navigate-the-noodles”. ;)

If you're wondering if coaching would be a good fit, hop on a call with me. It’s free, easy, and insightful -- all the good stuff rolled into one entertaining hour.

 <Schedule Here>

Other than that, thanks for being here and sticking with me through this peek at my 2021.

I'd love to hear from you about what you're most excited about in 2021.

Drop me a line and let me know!

💕, Jordan 


Hi there! I’m Jordan Eades, Holistic Business Coach and founder of Your Best Business LIfe. My passion is guiding women business owners who want to make a big impact in business—without sacrificing what matters most. 

Your Best Business Life coaching provides the keys to overcoming overworking; allowing you to create a sustainable and profitable business, focus on the work that fuels your passion, unapologetically invest in self-care, prioritize experiences that light you up, and provide the support you need to thrive.


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