The Science of Self-Care: Why Taking Time for Wellness Isn't Optional


As a business coach for women who have been struggling with overwhelm and burnout, I love that we are collectively pushing "pause" on hustle-culture. 

This past year gave many of us the opportunity to slow our roll.  As we were leaning-in, it was a great time to revisit the state of our health and well-being. My social media was (and still is) full of advice on #selfcarehacks #selfcareideas and #selfcarethreads. 
We are re-thinking what it means to be an entrepreneur. There is growing awareness and attention to the quality of life. Promises of glory by #grinding #hustle, #slay, #grit, #werk, #riseandgrind feel empty when you consider the costs. 
And the costs are high. According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, author, “Workplace environments in the US may be responsible for 120,000 excess deaths per year; accounting for about 180 billion dollars in additional healthcare expenses.” 
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Five Easy Tips To Help Clear Business Overwhelm & Get You Laser Focused Fast!

business overwhelm Jan 05, 2021
Dealing with overwhelm is my new client's #1 frustration.
My heart goes out to the ones who are in this space. Endless to-do lists are exhausting. Not knowing how to prioritize is so frustrating, and can leave you feeling like you're spinning your wheels.
The following strategies are the ones I always return to when I am feeling the creep of “all-the-things”.  I can still feel overwhelmed too—only now I don’t have to stay stuck in that space. I have the tools to help me:
 dial in my priorities
 take action on what matters most for my business
 and feel accomplished at the end of my day
Start by choosing one or two strategies that resonate the most. Once you feel competent and comfortable in that area, move on to the next. The goal is to give you tools that will help decrease your overwhelm while helping you be more productive and efficient with your tasks!


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My Year In Review & Sneak Peek for 2021

business life self-care Dec 29, 2020

Hello Lovies!

2020 has been….

Well, let’s say that I am thankful that our little family embraced what we could and made the best of it.

And, it wasn’t all bad.

In fact, 2020 forced me to re-evaluate my need for “busyness”. I took the time to revisit my self-care practices and path for healing. If not for staying home, I may have skipped valuable lessons for which I am feeling grateful.


Looking Back

We started the year as an RV family, and in March, made the huge pivot by putting down roots in SW Florida. Beach time allllll the time!

And then, COVID.

I miss our travel lifestyle, but I am thankful that we were able to quarantine in the new house. We kept busy with “projects”:  painting, putting together furniture, etc...We got to know our sweet little town by walking in the parks and trails. Met our new neighbors and had a few great socially-distanced driveway meet-ups. 

Plus, time and stability allowed YBBL to blossom.

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Five Easy Steps To Infuse Your Life with Joy

joy life self-care Nov 17, 2020


I remember the day our business crossed the eight-figure mark.

 We had arrived at the “pinnacle” of our success.

 Sadly, what should have been a joyful moment, seemed rather soul-less.

I looked down at my miles-long “to do” list sighed and thought to myself: 

”This is it? This is what I have been (over) working for?”

It felt...empty.

Looking back, I can see that I had lost my joy.

As our business grew, I let go of all the little experiences that buoy a meaningful existence.

Instead, taking time for joy became an elusive cat and mouse game of “if” or “when”.

There was always “something” that became the new priority.

I was so focused on the business and I failed to recognize that I COULD and SHOULD lean into creating the space for joy.


Why Is Joy So Important?

Such a happy little word, yet, there is an elusive quality in describing joy.

The definition, “a feeling of great...

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Practicing Self-Care Makes Me A Better Business Owner


Before business life, I prided myself on my commitment to self-care.

Movement was especially important to me, I would log several miles a week on my daily walks.

But as things got busier, taking time away to walk felt self-indulgent.

I tried to schedule walks on the weekends, but because I already had a backlog of “to-do” items, it rarely manifested.

At first, I was willing to forgo self-care because my business was a high priority.

In fact, I saw my “sacrifices” as a badge of honor.

I was a dedicated business owner, giving my all to see the business succeed.

But, the sacrifices kept coming until my entire regime of self-care practices disappeared.

My business was like a screaming child, demanding all my attention...

My schedule climbed from an eight-hour workday to ten, twelve, even fourteen hours.

If I wasn’t sleeping, I was working the business, talking about the business, or thinking about the business.

And, with all the stress,...

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How I Beat Business Burn-out and Now Run a Sustainable, Profitable Business.

business Nov 04, 2020


Welcome back! 


Today, I’m taking a deep dive into Your Best Business Life and sharing the cornerstone of my Business Pillar. 

Previously, I’ve shared how running my business left me overwhelmed and exhausted, which ultimately led to massive burn-out, and forced me to re-think my approach. 

As a result of that experience, I became "obsessed" with learning how to run a business more sustainably. I wanted a profitable business that didn't require me working 24/7 and feeling like I was always on the “hustle-hamster-wheel”. 

I read everything I could get my hands on that talked about productivity, efficiency, working smarter not harder, increasing profitability, sustainable habits, etc. 

Turns out, answers were in front of me the whole time. 

A methodology known as Lean Thinking

If you are new to Lean, you are probably thinking…

” she telling me to apply weight-loss principles to my...

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My Journey To Business Life Balance

business life Oct 14, 2020


Welcome back, friend! 

I'm so excited to continue sharing my journey to overcoming overwhelm & exhaustion. 


So, grab a cup, and let's dive right in! 

In my last blog post, I shared from the outside, it looked like I had it all together. 

But on the inside—a whole different story.  

I was in the mindset of “doing whatever it takes” which resulted in: 

  • long hours 
  • me doing the work of three people, barely stopping to take a break


There were moments I would stop and think, “is it really supposed to be like this?”

I would wonder if all SBO's worked "all the time".

And, what was the signal that would like me know I could take a break.

Those important questions were subdued by comments like “great job" and "you're amazing" and "you are killing it!”. 

In reality, overworking was killing me. 


To make things worse, I wasn’t making the connection between the...

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