Want to avoid burnout? Make sure to include this in your next annual plan.

burnout planning self-care Nov 08, 2021


When was the last time you took a vacation? Not a day off or a getaway weekend, but an extended time away from your business?

Is it hard to remember or a distant memory? 


You're not alone. 

The number one sacrifice small business owners make each year is not taking a vacation. 

More than half (60%) only take one vacation per year; nearly one quarter (23%) take fewer than two vacation days annually. 

When they do go on vacation, more than 75% still work

No wonder small business owners are burning out. 

Time for rest, recuperation, and pleasure isn't on the calendar.

The first question I ask when starting the annual planning process with a client is: 

“What vacations or time off do you have planned for your year?” 

If it’s a new client, I am usually met with wide eyes and silence, followed by the myriad of reasons why time away hasn’t been a priority. 

My seasoned clients know that in order...

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Understanding Overworking: The Two Main Reasons You're Putting Yourself At Risk For Burnout


Did you know that the average small business owner works 52-hours a week?


And, for many small business owners (my past self included) that number is far greater. The lines between business and life have become so blurred that work can encompass most of our time.

It’s our first thought when we wake, and extends all the way to the late-night problem-solving sessions we entertain before sleep. 

Many of us have come to accept the “cult of overworking”.  We have succumbed to the pressure of being “always-on” and wear our “busyness” as a badge of honor.

We glorify work as if productivity and wealth are the only measures of success. 

Yet, stories from the finish line, say otherwise. One common regret from the dying in their last days is, “I wish I hadn’t worked so much”, and would have spent more time on meaningful activities and relationships. 

Contrary to standard belief, more is not...

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